Cherrytrees Montessori School : A Quality Early Years Setting
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Established in 1992, Cherrytrees is situated in the centre of a quiet village in lovely rural surroundings. there is an enclosed outside space with scope for a variety of activities and exploration.
The Aim of the School is to welcome families to a place where children can develop their potential in a free, stimulating and happy atmosphere and have opportunities for self expression and social interaction with their peers. 
We believe in creating a trusting and supportive relationship with parents and carers where a partnership can exist which will enrich children's lives.
Cherrytrees  offers a broad, effective and planned curriculum using the Montessori approach whilst acknowledging the increased research now available about the nature of learning and the needs of young children. The development of the child is enhanced by interaction with a rich environment in a social context and this is what the Montessori 'prepared environment' offers. 

Children are unique and special; the rate of progress of their growth and development will differ for each child. It is the child's developmental stage that is significant for his or her learning rather than chronological age and there is a wide variation that can affect all aspects of a child's growth. It may relate to a child's understanding of concepts, language development, gross or fine motor control or to social and emotional levels of development. Each child's self worth is acknowledged and strengthened at every stage. 

Children are individuals and they have their own route to learning. 
It is our role to identify that route and give the child the opportunity and freedom to find it. The child is then motivated to learn, is active in his or her learning and has the opportunity to complete cycles of activity in his or her own way without interruption or pressure. By careful observation and knowledge of the child and in working closely in partnership with parents, the means of discovering the skills of reading, writing, mathematical concepts and a greater understanding of the world will be introduced so that the child progresses at their own pace.
Children will enjoy music and dance, art and craft, nature study, basic science and ICT as well as a full range of play facilities, both indoors and outside.

We value courtesy and consideration to others and encourage self-reliance and independence. We work especially in the field of language development since a child's ability to learn and use language and communication effectively is at the core of learning and progress.

Cherrytrees adheres to the Early Years Foundation Stage framework which was revised in April 2017.